Our Service

We are a non-profit that relies on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. Many of our members too have grown up in Indian Country and have found care, assistance, and a sense of community in AISES. Our members and supporters provide countless hours and resources to help ensure the future of Indian Country in STEM.


Here are a few examples of how we serve:

Scholarships Fund Raising - we fund raise throughout the year to go towards our scholarship fund

Academic Scholarships - AISES members are eligible to receive scholarship awards for undergraduate and graduate level studies within STEM majors

Travel scholarships - From time to time, we provide financial awards for students participating in internships or for attending AISES National events.

Events Golf Tournament - Our largest fundraising event is a golf tournament hosted in sunny Phoenix, Arizona that attracts sponsors, members, and players from all backgrounds and geographies. After expenses, all proceeds are allocated to our scholarship fund.

National Conference - Phoenix AISES hosted the national conference in 2015 and routinely promotes our members to attend AISES National sponsored events for leadership training and professional development.

Community Service Mentoring - Our members volunteer their time and professional skills to mentor students on a wide range of topics from professional interviewing, providing exposure to the STEM profession, or helping others get connected to resources.

Outreach - Since there is no lack of outreach opportunities, our chapter is focused on partnering with like minded diversity organizations further the impact of our goal: to attract more American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Hawaiians to the STEM profession.

Building community - We provide a comfortable community for our members to build camaraderie, professional connections, and a lifetime of support.

Individual work - We are very proud of our members and encourage our members to showcase themselves as role models in the community and especially to provide inspiration to Indian Country. Many of our members serve on the Board of Directors for other non-profits, lead in pow-wow and other culturally important events, as well as continued guidance for our student chapters at ASU, NAU, and UofA.

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